Grading Procedures for 4th Quarter and 2nd Semester

Dear Magic Valley High School Parents and Students,

With the news that schools will be closed indefinitely for this school year, we want to give you an update regarding grading procedures for term 6 grades. Teachers will continue to give students point/percentage-based or letter grades on assignments for term 6. However, term 6 grades will be pass/fail unless a student feels that he/she needs to have a letter grade for college admission and/or scholarship opportunities.

We recognize this is a very stressful time and online schooling is new for all of us so we will be flexible and understanding as we assign grades for the remainder of the school year. Students need to continue to keep up with their online or packet work for as long as we are out of school. We are making every effort to provide high-quality learning experiences for students during the closure. We want to be fair and understanding because we realize that each family’s situation is a little different and we do not want to punish students for the wide variety of circumstances going on in each home. If you have specific questions, please follow up with your teachers and if necessary school administration.


Due to requirements from our partner colleges and universities, dual-credit students will continue to receive grades as usual.


GRADUATION INFORMATION - We know this is a stressful time and our thoughts are with our students who are missing many important life events due to the COVID-19 outbreak. As we move forward towards the end of the school year, we will all need to be flexible and understanding as the plans we made months ago must now be changed and adapted to protect the health of our community. In regards to graduation ceremonies, our intention is to reschedule this important event to a later date when it is safe to do so. However, a time, date, and location of such an event has not yet been determined.  We will continue to work through these challenging situations and look forward to a time when we can celebrate the successes of our students.




Roger Keller


Magic Valley High School